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Since 1987...

Dan Menard and his crew have been providing the best in Residential and Light Commercial concrete foundations to customers throughout Vermont.  Dan, working with his employees in the field, has built a business around a singular goal, to be a business "Where Quality Comes First".  Through this belief, he has satisfied hundreds of customers in the past 25 years.  And this tradition of quality continues today, with this family business continuing to provide the best to their customers.  We in the Menard Family hope to have the pleasure of working with you in the future, no matter what your project may be.




Dan Sr. with his wife Jane, Celebrating 25 years of marriage, and business, together.

In 1986, Dan started this business with humble beginnings,  with used trucks, and home made plywood forms.  In '87, Dan married the love of his life, Jane, and they began to work to expand their business.  Around 1990, Dan purchased his full set of new forms.  In 1992, when they had their second child, Jane resigned from her job as a state typist, to work full time as the secretary, and raise their family.

Since then their business has only expanding, growing into what it is today.  Dan and Jane have been proud to announce that their son, Dan Jr. purchased, and is operating, Dan Menard Concrete with the same quality and service standards that it has become known for

The Menard Family today, Dan, Jane, and their children Rebecca and Dan Jr.

The business has come a long way since its early years.

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